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Atom Scientific manufactures and a supplies  a range of traditional mounting media for both slides requiring coverslips and samples where an immersion lens is required. 

Coverslipped Required:

DPX Mountant Medium, a synthetic non-aqueous mounting medium for microscopy.

A traditional resin-based slide mountant with xylene solvent. of various viscosities, allows immediate screening of slide and rapid drying,

Available in three viscosities:

Low Viscosity:  Ideal for use in Automatic Coverslippers

Standard Viscosity: Ideal for manual coverslipping

High Viscosity: specially thickened for us in Cytology

We also offer a Pertex® .

Immersion Lens:

A stable, non-drying, non-hardening immersion, safe to use with valuable optics and irreplaceable slide specimens.

All components have undergone extensive toxicity testing and have been found to pose no health hazard.