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Scale Accessories

Atom Scientific's range of weighing accessories enhances the protection, performance, and efficiency of your scales and balances.

Adam Equipment's accessories are designed to meet industry standards, which ensure accurate readings and best practices.

What Accessories does Atom Scientific's range cover?

  • Adam Anti-Vibration Tables
  • Adam Thermal Printers & Thermal Paper
  • Adam Data Collection Program
  • Adam Calibration Certificates
  • Covers for Adam's Highland, CB, ABW, LBX, CKT, Equinox and Solis models.
  • Covers for Adam's Nimbus, CBD, CBC, AZextra and CCEU Models.
  • Covers for CQT, GFK, GFC, AELP, PT, PTM, PMB, AELP and PT Models.
  • Density Kits 
  • Glass Fibre Pads & Hard Carry Cases
  • Steel Ramps (1000mm - 1500mm range)