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Scales & Balances

Atom Scientific scales and balances allow you to perform almost any weighing task in your laboratory or classroom. From precision and analytical balances to bench scales and moisture analysers, complex and simple weighing tasks are taken care of.

All our scales and balances are supplied by Adam Equipment, with warranties of up to 5 years. This industry-leading peace of mind ensures you can rely on your weighing scale or balance, whatever the application.

Why are accurate scales and balances important?

Weighing scales need to be accurate and reliable to perform their job effectively. However, when it comes to lab balances, the accuracy of the device is non-negotiable. Tiny errors can make a huge difference to the results… And jeopardise an entire process, task or experiment. Therefore, you need to be sure your lab balances are as reliable as they come, with pinpoint accuracy.

What does Atom Scientific’s lab balances and scales range cover?

Our range of scales and balances can be broken down into these main ranges:

Analytical balances: Balances with as low as 0.1mg accuracy, with the ranges including the flagship Adam Equipment Equinox Semi-Micro Balance

Precision balances: Common scientific balances, with higher capacities than analytical balances, and readability down to 0.001g. 

Moisture analysers: Moisture analysers provide moisture calculation for a given sample, and our range include the Adam Equipment PMB Moisture Analyser. 

Portable balances and school balances: Smaller balances that are not as accurate – readings typically 0.1g or 0.01g – but they are usually more robust and portable than higher-accuracy professional lab balances. The most popular model is this range is the Adam HCB Highland Portable Precision Balance.

For any questions or further information about Adam Equipment's scales and balances speak to the Atom Scientific team on 0161 355 5123.