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A high quality range of Solvents & Reagents suitable for High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), free of interfering impurities.

Distilled and Purified in the United Kingdom.



Acetic Acid 99.95% HPLC
Acetone 99.95% HPLC
Acetonitrile 99.9% HPLC
Acetonitrile 99.97% HPLC Grade S


1-Butanol 99.9% HPLC
Iso-Butanol HPLC
tert-Butanol (2-Methyl 2-Propanol) HPLC
n-Butyl Acetate HPLC
n-Butyl Chloride HPLC


Chloroform (amylene stabilised 100ppm) HPLC
Chloroform 99.95% (Ethanol Stabilised) HPLC
Cyclohexane 99.95% HPLC
Cyclopentane 98% HPLC
Cylcopentane 75% HPLC


Dichloromethane 99.95% HPLC
Dichloromethane Alcohol Free 99.95% HPLC
Dichloromethane Amylene Free 99.95% HPLC
Dichloromethane Amylene Stabilised HPLC
Diethyl Ether 99.9% HPLC
n,n-Dimethylformamide 99.9% HPLC
1,4 Dioxane 99.95% HPLC


Ethanol 95% HPLC (Duty Free)
Ethanol 95% HPLC (Duty Paid)
Ethanol 96% HPLC (Duty Free)
Ethanol 96% HPLC (Duty Paid)
Ethanol 99% HPLC (Duty Free)
Ethanol 99% HPLC (Duty Paid)
Ethyl Acetate 99.95% HPLC


Formic Acid HPLC


n-Hexane 95% HPLC
n-Hexane 97% HPLC
n-Hexane 99.2% HPLC
Iso-Hexane 98% HPLC
Hexane (isomeric mixture) 99.5% HPLC


Methanol 99.97% Anhydrous HPLC
Methanol 99.97% HPLC
Methanol 99.97% HPLC (Low Ethanol)
2-Methoxyethanol HPLC
Methyl-tert-Butyl Ether (MTBE) 99.9% HPLC
Methyl-tert-Butyl Ether (MTBE) Anhydrous 99.9% HPLC
Methylcyclohexane HPLC
Mobile Phase 2.3 HPLC
Mobile Phase 4.3 HPLC


n-Heptane 95% HPLC
n-Heptane 99.3% HPLC
n-Nonane HPLC


iso-Octane (2,2,4-trimethlypentane) HPLC
1-Octanol 99.7% HPLC