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Atom Scientific offers a comprehensive range of biological dry dyes, suitable for all applications including life science stains & reagents.

All products are used in the manufacture of our own stains & reagents and are carefully source and tested prior to sale to ensure they deliver the quality our customers depend upon.



Acid Fuchsin Calcium Salt Certifiied
Acid Fuchsin Powder C.I. 42685
Acid Fuchsin Sodium Salt Certified C.I. 42685
Acridine Orange 50% C.I. 46005
Acridine Yellow G 90% C.I. 46025
Acriflavine Hydrochloride 98.5% BPC63
Acriflavine Neutral C.I. 46000
Alcian Blue 8GX 50% C.I. 74240 Stain Commission Certified
Alizarin Red Sodium Salt C.I.58005
Amaranth C.I.16185
Amido Black 10B C.I. 20470
Aniline Blue C.I. 42755
Aniline Blue Water Soluble Stain Commission Certified C.I. 42755
Auramine O 80% C.I. 41000
Auramine O Certified C.I. 41000
Azur B C.I. 52010
Azur II


Basic Fuchsin C.I. 42510
Biebrich Scarlet Sodium Salt 70% C.I. 26905
Brilliant Blue FCF (E133) Food Grade C.I. 42090
Brilliant Blue G250 C.I. 42665
Brilliant Blue R250
Brilliant Cresyl Blue 40% C.I. 51010
Brilliant Cresyl Blue 60% C.I. 51010 Stain Commission Certified
Brilliant Crystal Scarlet C.I. 16250
Brilliant Green C.I. 42040
Brilliant Green C.I. 42040 Stain Commission Certified
Bromocresol Green Free Acid
Bromocresol Green Sodium Salt
Bromocresol Purple Free Acid
Bromophenol Blue Indicator ACS
Bromophenol Blue Sodium Salt
Bromothymol Blue sodium salt
Bromocresol Purple Sodium Salt


Carbol Fuchsin
Carmine (Alum Lake) Certified
Carmine 50% BPC C.I. 75470
Carmoisine 90% C.I. 16185
Celestine Blue Powder C.I. 51050
Chromotrope 2B Powder C.I. 16575
Chromotrope 2R C.I. 16570
Chrysoidine Y C.I. 11270
Congo Red 85% C.I. 22120 Stain Commission Certified
Congo Red C.I. 22120
Cresol Red Sodium Salt
Cresyl Violet Acetate powder Certified
Crocein Scarlet C.I. 27290
Crystal Violet C.I. 42555 Stain Commission Certified