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Zinc Carbonate 99% (Zn >55.5%)


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Zinc Carbonate 99% (Zn >55.5%)

Zinc carbonate basic is used as pharmaceutical intermediate and in chemical research.

Assay (as ZnO): >69%
Molecualr Formula: Zn5(CO3)2(OH)6
Molecualr Weight: 548.97
Zinc Content: >55.5%
Lead (Pb): <0.0010%
Managanese (Mn): <0.0005%
Copper (Cu): <0.0005%
BET Surface Area: 60-90m2/g
Moisture: <3%
Sieve Fineness (325mesh): <99.95%

Hazard Phrazes: Very toxic to aquatic life. Very toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects.

Prec Phrazes: Avoid release to the environment. Collect spillage.

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Cas No: 5263-02-5
Einecs No: 226-076-7


Zinc Carbonate 99% (Zn >55.5%)
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