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Polyethylene Glycol 6000 Group Picture

Polyethylene Glycol 6000

£15.95 to £184.95

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GPC4801-2X 250g £15.95
GPC4801-5X 500g £24.95
GPC4801-Y 1Kg £39.95
GPC4801-5Y 5Kg £184.95

Polyethylene Glycol 6000, often abbreviated as PEG 6000, is a chemical compound used in various industries and applications. It belongs to the class of polyethylene glycols, which are polymers of ethylene oxide. PEG 6000 is a white, waxy, and odourless solid with a high molecular weight.

Colour (Munsell system) Not more intensely coloured than reference standard NE12
Melting Range (lower value) ≥ 59 °C
Melting Range (upper value) ≤ 64 °C
Hydroxyl Value 15 - 22
Average Molecular Mass 5000 - 7500
Identity (IR) Passes Test

Cas Number: 25322-68-3

Einecs Number: 203-473-3

HS Code / Commodity Code: 3907201900

Hazard Phrases: H0001

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