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pH Calibration Buffer Solution traceable to NIST, Blue, pH 10.0 Group Picture

pH Calibration Buffer Solution traceable to NIST, Blue, pH 10.0

£9.87 to £46.14

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Product Code Pack Size List Price Qty  
PHCAL10-D 500ml £9.87
PHCAL10-E 1L £16.49
PHCAL10-F 2.5L £28.83
PHCAL10-G 5L £46.14

pH10.0 Buffer Solution suitable for calibration/checking pH instrumentation and electrode

A certificate of analysis is provided for each pH value and for each pack size

Colour Coded for ease of identication & use

All of our pH Buffer solutions are carefully manufactured and calibrated, and are traceable to the primary standards of reference materials selected by NIST.

HS Code / Commodity Code: 3822 9000

Prec Phrases: P264,281,501

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