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Embedding Wax (with Polymer) MP 56-58 Group Picture

Embedding Wax (with Polymer) MP 56-58

£11.95 to £238.14

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Product Code Pack Size List Price Qty  
PW9009-1Y 1Kg £11.95
PW9009-2Y 2Kg £20.95
PW9009-5Y 5Kg £47.95
PW9009-10Y 10Kg £89.95
PW9009-25Y 25Kg £238.14

Manufactured from the highest quality wax with added polymer. 

Very finely pastilated, and filtered to <1u, offering small crystal size pellets for rapid tissue penetration . 

Melting point is 56 deg C and contains no DMSO

The embedding of Histology Tissue Sections

Appearance: Liquid (at elevated temperature)

Solid (at ambient temperature)

Odour: Typical

Odour Threshold: No data available

pH: Neutral

Melting point/Congealing point: 54-57°C

Initial boiling point/range: >300°C

Flash point: >200°C

Evaporation rate: No data available


HS Code / Commodity Code: 2712.20.10

Hazard Phrases: H0001

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