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Buffer solution pH 10.01 20mL sachets, Hanna Group Picture

Buffer solution pH 10.01 20mL sachets, Hanna

Code: HI-70010P
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HI-70010P 25 Pack £43.30
Pack: 25 Pack


HI-70010P – 25 x 20ml sachets pH 10.01 buffer solution


The pH 10.01 buffer solution in quick and easy to use 20ml sachets is the most popular buffer used before analysing basic samples. Ideal for those requiring an accurate alkaline reading, particularly suitable for those working in water purification plants, the food industry, aquatics, and Hydroponics, and in any environments where the pH is expected to be alkaline. Hanna Microprocessor pH meters can be calibrated at pH9.18 and pH10.01.

The single dose sachets are really handy with each sealed sachet holding just the right amount of solution. Each time a meter or electrode is calibrated using the Hanna sachets, it is like using a newly opened bottle of solution!


Accuracy  - Standard ±0.01 pH
pH Value @25°C 10.01
Package Sachets
Size 20mL
Quantity 25 x 20mL
Certificate of Analysis No

HS Code / Commodity Code: 3822000000

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