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Jones PAS-M Stain Kit

Code: RRSK303-100
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RRSK303-100 100 Test £88.67
Pack: 100 Test


The Jones PAS-M staining technique is used to demonstrate basement membranes, specifically of the glomerulus in the kidney. Fungi and some other organisms will also be demonstrated.

Basment Membranes, reticulin fibres - Black 

Fungi - Black/Brown

Background - Red

Please note, the estimated test yield of each pack size is based on the working silver solution being used in standard coplin jars, 4 slides per coplin jar per staining run


Periodic Acid 1%

Hexamine 3%

Silver Nitrate 5%

Sodium Tetraborate 5%

Gold Chloride 0.2%

Sodium Thiosulphate 2%

Neutral Red 0.1%

Protocol Sheet

Manufactured by Atom Scientific Ltd, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, all products IVD/CE registered.

  • Demonstration of basement membranes
  • Demonstration of fungi

Please see protocol sheet/website for full contents of this kit.

Store some components at 4 deg C for optimal shelf life

Einecs Number: 231-853-9

HS Code / Commodity Code: 3822000090

UN Number: 3082

Hazard Phrases: H314,H410

Prec Phrases: P273,P280,P305+P351+308,P310,P501

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