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The Best Tips for Cleaning Your Laboratory

Maintaining cleanliness is vital for safety, accuracy, and productivity in any laboratory environment. Learn how to effectively remove any chemical residues, prevent cross-contamination, and ensure equipment longevity.


For a Biological Lab

Decon 90 is an effective decontamination and cleaning solution that is also environmentally friendly as it is biodegradable. It is supplied as a concentrated liquid to be diluted with water. You can use it for manual cleaning or in an ultrasonic cleaning bath.


For a Chemical Lab

Ethanol – With its fast evaporation rate, ethanol expedites the cleaning process and often eliminates the need for further surface cleaning.

IMS - Suitable for cleaning and degreasing various hard surfaces.

Surgical Spirit – An economical and highly efficient agent for cleaning and disinfecting.


Good Housekeeping

Adhering to good housekeeping practices significantly reduces the risk of accidents and spills in the laboratory.

  • Ensure all areas of the lab are free from clutter.
  • Keep wipes and towels readily available for quick cleanups.
  • Wearing nitrile gloves that are chemical and tear resistant
  • Lab coats are an important barrier between your skin or clothes and any hazards that you work with in the lab. Not only do lab coats protect you from exposure, but they also help prevent you from transporting laboratory contamination home.
  • Using bench coat protectors minimises mess and contamination during spills.