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Orcein Stain Kit

UK NEQAS CPT Scores and Feedback

Posted By: Amy Winson On: 1st of August 2019 at 15:19

According to the UK Neqas CPT report published 23rd Nov 2018 regarding the recent submissions for CAP there was unfortunately a significant increase in the number of Rhodanine techniques submitted. It was commented that this technique is not appropriate as it demonstrates free copper deposits only and not the protein bound copper. In the report UK NEQAS CPT directed participants to a reference in the Journal of Clinical Pathology (J ClinPath, 1978,31 784-790) which unequivocally supports the use of orcein and not Rhodanine for the demonstration of Copper Associated Protein.

Atom Scientific offer two types of Orcein which have been scored by UK NEQAS CPT as the following:

Stain Kit Score Result Date
Orcein for CAP 9 Nov 18
Orcein for HbAg 9 May 19

UK NEQAS CPT delivers a standardised UKAS accredited programme, providing participants with a proficiency testing method for evaluating laboratory practice to guide and ensure best practice and gold standard results.

Using validated material of consistent quality for a range of challenges, participants can demonstrate their quality and performance to maintain high standards of laboratory practice.

As part of each UK NEQAS CPT assessment, run scores are audited to provide an in-depth feedback to aid in continual improvements within organisations, provide expert help identifying problems and provide access to troubleshooting expertise.

Scores range from 0-10 and are based on a number of criteria.

UK NEQAS CPT describes a score of 9/10 to show excellent appropriate demonstration of the expected staining results, and a high level of quality.

Orcein for CAP (RRSK91)

This kit is used for identifying elastic fibers on formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue sections, recommended for vascular pathology. Elastic Fibres and laminae - Brown Nuclei and background - Shades of Blue.


Contains: Orcein Solution
Acid Alcohol 1%
Methyl Blue Aqueous 1% Solution
Protocol Sheet

Code Pack
RRSK91-100 100 Test
RRSK91-200 200 Test
RRSK91-500 500 Test

Orcein for HbAg

This stain kit is used for the detection of Hepatitis B antigen and copper associated protein in tissue sections.

Hep B Surface Antigen - Brown granules

Copper Associated Protein - Dark Purple/Brown

Elastic Fibres - Brown

Background - Pale Pink/Brown


Orcein Shikata
Potassium Permanganate 0.5%
Denatured Ethanol 70%
Sulphuric Acid 3% Solution
Oxalic Acid 1% Solution
Protocol Sheet

Code Pack
RRSK29-100 100 Test
RRSK29-200 200 Test
RRSK29-500 500 Test