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Mortar & Pestle 80mm - 160mm  Dia Group Picture

Mortar & Pestle 80mm - 160mm Dia

£4.56 to £12.68

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Product Code Pack Size List Price Qty  
MPGC80-1 80mm x 1 Pack £4.56
MPGC100-1 100mm x 1 Pack £4.86
MPGC130-1 130mm x 1 Pack £6.00
MPGC160-1 160mm x 1 Pack £12.68

Academy Mortar & Pestles are porcelain tools designed for grinding, crushing, and mixing substances. Available in sizes of 80mm, 100mm, 130mm, and 160mm. The exterior is glazed for durability, while the interior is left unglazed. Suitable for various applications in laboratories, kitchens, and more.

  • Grinding herbs and spices for culinary purposes
  • Crushing pills and medications for compounding in healthcare
  • Preparing herbal remedies and tinctures
  • Mixing and grinding dry powders in laboratory settings
  • Creating fine powders from solid substances
  • Grinding and blending spices for homemade seasonings
  • Crushing seeds and grains for food preparation
  • Preparing pastes, such as garlic or ginger, for cooking
  • Reducing herbs or botanicals into a powdered form for cosmetics or skincare products
  • Crushing and blending ingredients for crafting natural dyes and pigments.
CodeOuter Diameter Top (mm)Outer Diameter Bottom (mm)Height (mm)
MPGC80-1 80 44 41
MPGC100-1 100 60 45
MPGC130-1 130 80 62
MPGC160-1 160 90 74


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