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Microscope Coverslips No.1 Group Picture

Microscope Coverslips No.1

£1.80 to £59.42

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Product Code Pack Size List Price Qty  
CG11818-100 18 x 18mm x 1 Pack £1.80
CG11818-1000 18 x 18mm x 10 Pack £18.01
CG12222-100 22 x 22mm x 1 Pack £2.64
CG12222-1000 22 x 22mm x 10 Pack £26.45
CG12240-100 22 x 40mm x 1 Pack £4.29
CG12240-1000 22 x 40mm x 10 Pack £42.89
CG12432-100 22 x 32mm x 1 Pack £3.88
CG12432-1000 22 x 32mm x 10 Pack £38.80
CG12450-100 24 x 50mm x 1 Pack £5.94
CG12450-1000 24 x 50mm x 10 Pack £59.42
CG12460-100 24 x 60mm x 1 Pack £4.18
CG12460-1000 24 x 60mm x 10 Pack £41.76

Microscope Coverslips No.1 are thin, transparent, and flat pieces of glass used to cover specimens on microscope slides. They provide a protective barrier while allowing light to pass through for clear observation. These coverslips are standardized to No.1 thickness, ensuring uniformity across microscopy applications. Ideal for microscopy in various scientific fields, they facilitate detailed examination of specimens under a microscope.

  • Covers specimens on microscope slides
  • Thin, transparent glass
  • Allows light for clear observation
  • Standardized to No.1 thickness
  • Used in various scientific microscopy applications

HS Code / Commodity Code: 7017909000

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