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D-Limonene 96%

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GPS8889-K 25L £333.10
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Limonene is a colourless liquid hydrocarbon and is the major component in the oil of citrus fruit peels. It is a chiral molecule, and biological sources produce one enantiomer. The principal industrial source, citrus fruit, contains D-limonene, which is the (R)-enantiomer. Racemic limonene is known as dipentene.

The D-isomer occurs more commonly in nature as the fragrance of oranges and is used as a flavouring agent in food manufacturing.

Cas Number: 5989-27-5

Einecs Number: 227-813-5

HS Code / Commodity Code: 29029010

UN Number: 2052

Hazard Class: 3

Packing Group: 3

Hazard Phrases: H226,H315,H317,H410,H304

Prec Phrases: P210,P301+P310,P331,P302+P352,P333+P313,P280