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Perls Stain Kit


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Perls Stain Kit

This Stain Kit is used for the detection of ferric iron in tissues, blood smears, or bone marrow smears and is based on the Prussian Blue reaction in which ionic iron reacts with acid ferrocyanide producing a blue color.

Ferric Iron - Blue

Nuclei - Red

Manufactured by Atom Scientific Ltd, an ISO9001:2008 certified company, all products IVD/CE Registered

  • Detects ferric iron in tissue sections
  • Will detect iron in blood and bone marrow smears

This Kit Contains:

Perls Stain A

Perls Stain B

Neutral Red Solution

Protocol Sheet

Store at 4 deg C for Optimal Shelf Life

Hazard Phrazes: May be Harmful if Swallowed

Prec Phrazes: IF ON SKIN: Wash with plenty of soap and water.


Perls Stain Kit
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RRSK16-100 100 Test £13.39
RRSK16-200 200 Test £15.49
RRSK16-500 500 Test £22.00
RRSK16-1000 1000 Test £29.98