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Magnesium Turnings 99%


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Magnesium Turnings 99%

Minimum Assay: >99.8%
Apparent Density: 0.4-0.5g/cm3
>2500um: <1%
>2000um: <5%
>1000um: <70%
>800um: <45%
>500um: <20%

Hazard Class: 4.1

Packing Group: 3

Hazard Phrazes: Catches fire spontaneously if exposed to air. In contact with water releases flammable gases which may ignite spontaneously.

Prec Phrazes: Do not allow contact with air. Keep away from any possible contact with water, because of violent reaction and possible flash fire. Handle under inert gas. Protect from moisture. In case of fire: Use Store contents under

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Cas No: 7439-95-4
Einecs No: 231-104-6


Magnesium Turnings 99%
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GPC9222-X 100g £8.95
GPC9222-2X 250g £14.50
GPC9222-5X 500g £19.95

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