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L-Arginine 98.5-101.5%


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L-Arginine 98.5-101.5%

L-Arginine is a non-essential amino acid that can be obtained in the diet, for example through chicken, beef and soya. In some situations, the body’s requirement for arginine can be greater than the bodies production (conditionally essential).


  • Ideal pre-workout ingredient
  • Conditionally essential amino acid
  • Vital for human biochemistry
  • Popular amongst strength and bodybuilding athletes

Minimum Assay: 98.5-101.5%
Molecular Formula: C6H14N4O
Molecular Weight: 174.20

pH: 10.50- 12.00
Heavy Metals (as Pb): <15ppm
Arsenic (AS): <15ppm
Lead (Pb): <5ppm
Loss on Drying: <1.0%
Specific Rotation: +26.0 - +27.9 deg C
Residual Ignition: <0.2%


Coliforms: Negative
Aerobic Plate Count:
Moulds: <100cfu/g
Salmonella: negative/g
Escherichia Coli: negative/g

Hazard Phrazes: Not considered harmful under normal laboratory conditions

Cas No: 74-79-3
Einecs No: 200-811-1


L-Arginine 98.5-101.5%
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