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Digital Stirrer Hotplate (16cmx16cm) Microcrystalline Plate


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Digital Stirrer Hotplate (16cmx16cm) Microcrystalline Plate

All hotplates come with the spill prevention, over heated protection and Hot status warning feature.

The stirring is actively controlled by digital sensor through a feedback mechanism for all of models regardless digital or analog. The stirrer speed remains unchanged irrespective of changes in either the liquid property and/or environmental temperature, preventing the disengagement of the stir bar during stirring.

The digital stirrer hotplates have much more sophisticated performance and safety feature in scientific research field. The stirrer hotplates can be used with or without the external probe, and have excellent control stability and accuracy.

The unit will automatically beep and shut off if the probe left out by accident, if the solution dries out, or if the probe malfunctions, to prevent the solution overheating.

The external probe can be easily calibrated by adjusting the calibration screw.

Plate Material: Microcrystal
Plate Dimension: 160mm x 160mm
Heater Area: 120mm x 120mm
Heated Power: 500W
Maximum Plate Temperature: 550 deg C
Stirrer Speed: 150-1500rpm
Stirring Capacity: 20 Litre Max
Dimensions: 220x240x145 (WxLxD)
Net Weight: 3.6Kg
Power Supply: 230V,50Hx or 110V,60Hz

Supplied with 2 Year RTb Warranty

Digital Stirrer Hotplate (16cmx16cm) Microcrystalline Plate
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