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Blender-homogeniser 1-4L capacity Dynamix DMX160 with blender attachment


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Blender-homogeniser 1-4L capacity Dynamix DMX160 with blender attachment

A truly professional tool for small preparations (1-4Ltrs), the Dynamic Dynamix MX100UK is a light, fast and efficient hand blender designed for great results. The blender features the innovative Turbo attachment - a highly powerful crushing hammer mechanism which leaves preparations with a completely smooth consistency. The result is so smooth there's no need for sieving.

For further versatility, the turbo shaft attachment can be removed, giving you the flexibility to fit a standard cutting tool or whisk. Whether you're mixing up a mayonnaise or puréeing baby food, the Dynamic MX100UK is a great choice.

How does the Dynamic Turbo attachment work?

The Turbo attachment cleverly pulls food up into the blending mechanism then crushes it against the side of the mixing head. The design ensures food fibres are broken down and fully homogenised, with a consistent texture throughout.

What's the difference between Dynamic and domestic blenders?

Being truly commercial, Dynamic blenders are specifically designed for the rigours of the professional kitchen. The commercial motors are more durable, whilst the blades are razor-sharp and strong enough for this type of use in an industrial kitchen.

Product features

  • Capacity 4Ltr
  • Dimensions 111(H) x 70(Ø)mm
  • Dimensions - Shaft Length 160mm
  • Output 220W
  • Speed 0 to 13,000 rpm
  • Supplier Model Number MX100UK
  • Voltage 220-240V
  • Warranty 1 Year
  • Weight 1.5kg
  • Colour Orange
  • Turbo blender head provides unrivalled blending consistency
  • Ultra fast - up to 3 times faster compared to regular blenders
  • Adapted weight for perfect working comfort
  • Quiet and safe operation - head design reduces risk of cuts
  • Complies with HACCP requirements
  • Ultra high performance removes the need to sieve after blending
  • Stainless steel triangle-shaped "crushing hammer" covered with titanium coating
Blender-homogeniser 1-4L capacity Dynamix DMX160 with blender attachment
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