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Ammonium Acetate 98% SpR


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Ammonium Acetate 98% SpR

Super Purity Reagents are a range of extremely high grade reagents suitable for use as HPLC Buffer Reagents and LC-MS additives. 

  • HPLC as buffer reagent
  • LC-MS as additive 

Minimum Assay: >98%

Molecular Formula C2H7N02
Molecular Weight 77.08 g/mol
Melting Point: 195 deg C
UV (0.1% Aqueous):
210nm: >10%
220nm: >50 %
230nm: >80%
235nm: >95%
245-400nm: >99%Fluorescence (0.1% aq, as quinine): 254nm: <1ppb;365nm: <1ppb
Suitability for HPLC: Passes Test
Suitability for LC-MS: Passes Test
Chloride (Cl): <0.0005%
Sulphate (SO4): <0.001%
Nitrate (NO3): <0.001%

Applications: HPLC as buffer reagent, LC-MS as additive


Hazard Phrazes: Not considered harmful under normal laboratory conditions


Ammonium Acetate 98% SpR
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