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Stirrer Hotplate, Aluminum Top 5" X 5", 370 ˚C


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Stirrer Hotplate, Aluminum Top 5" X 5", 370 ˚C

Stirrer Hotplate, Aluminum Top, 5" X 5", 370 ËšC, 150 - 1500 rpm

Gltlab® Aluminum Analog Stirrer Hotplates
have the same heating features as the
aluminum hotplates.
 High heating output to quickly heat
solution to reach the desired
temperature point.
 Keep the case cool by employed the
good thermal isolation pad and make
the machine more compact (only 90
mm high) to give better mixing power
Very good heat uniformity across the
Aluminum plate.
Over heat protection
Powerful stirring to swirling mix of 2 L
The spill-proof frame work structure
prevents the water spill into the case

Plate size: 127 X 127 mm (5” X 5”)
Plate Type: Aluminum
Heating: room temperature to 380°C
Heating Area: 100 X 100 mm
Heating Power: 280 w
Heating Capacity: up to5L, 20 - 30 min to
boil 1L water depending upon the container
and input voltage
Stirring Speed: 150 rpm - 1800 rpm
Stirring Power: 21 w
Stirring Capacity: Up to 5L beaker.
Powerful mix for 2L water
Dimensions: 145X170X90 mm (w x d x h)
Weight: 1.35kg for AH-1, 2.0 Kg for ASH-1
Electrical: 110-120V, 60Hz or 220-240V,
Operating environment: 4°C (cold room)
to 60°C
Limited Warranty: 2 years
Products are CE complied.

Stirrer Hotplate, Aluminum Top 5" X 5", 370 ˚C
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