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Stirrer, 5" X 5" , Stainles steel top


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Stirrer, 5" X 5" , Stainles steel top

Gltlab® SSS-1 stirrer is a basic model of
stirrer and can be widely used in many
The SSS-1 stirrer is equipped with brushless
motor, and the speed is well controlled by
the CPU via the internal speed sensor. At
the set point, the speed will be constant
regardless the fluctuation in the input
The stainless steel top which has no eddy
current during magnet spinning increases
the coupling capability between the
spinning magnet and stir bar and make
powerful stirring without losing the control
of the stir bar.

Plate size: 120 X 120 mm (4.7” X 4.7”)
Plate Type: Stainless Steel
Stirring Speed: 200 rpm - 2500 rpm
Stirring Power: 15 w
Stirring Capacity: Up to 2L beaker. Very
powerful mix for 2L water
Dimensions: 120X140X50 mm (w x d x h)
Weight: 1 kg
Electrical: AC input 100-240V, 50-60Hz, DC
output: 12 V
Operating environment: 4°C (cold room)
to 60°C
Limited Warranty: 2 years
Products are CE complied.

Stirrer, 5" X 5" , Stainles steel top
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