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Stirrer, 160 X 160 mm, Ceramic top


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Stirrer, 160 X 160 mm, Ceramic top

Gltlab® Ceramic Stirrers are very powerful
stirrer based on the unique design.
Less distance between the magnet and the
top plate (5 mm less than the stirrer
hotplates) increases the coupling capability
of the magnet to the stir bar in the solution.
And the 21 w motor is enough to drive the
stir bar to 1800 rpm speed and make very
vigorous stirring without disengagement of
the stir bar. It can easily stir 3 L water and
make vortex swirling into the solution
bottom. Using appropriate stir bar, it can
use to stir water up to 10 L.
The ceramic top is chemical resistance.
The machines come with the spill-proof
structure to prevent the water spill into the

Stirrer, 160 X 160 mm, Ceramic top
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