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Microscope Coverlips Circular No1.5  12mm - 22mm Group Picture

Microscope Coverlips Circular No1.5 12mm - 22mm

£5.32 to £11.93

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Product Code Pack Size List Price Qty  
CGC1512-100 12mm x 0 Pack £5.32
CGC1513-100 13mm x 0 Pack £6.09
CGC1516-100 16mm x 0 Pack £9.13
CGC1519-100 19mm x 0 Pack £11.88
CGC1522-100 22mm x 0 Pack £11.93

Microscope Coverslips Circular No. 1.5, ranging from 12mm to 22mm, are essential accessories used in microscopy for specimen preparation and observation. These coverslips provide a thin, transparent layer that protects specimens on microscope slides, ensuring optimal clarity and resolution during examination. With their circular shape and standardized No. 1.5 thickness, they are compatible with most microscope slides and are widely used in various scientific and medical research applications.

  • Essential for preparing and observing microscope specimens
  • Provides a thin, transparent layer for specimen protection
  • Ensures optimal clarity and resolution during examination
  • Compatible with most microscope slides
  • Widely used in scientific and medical research applications

Microscope Circular Coverslips No.1.5

100 Pack (all sizes)
No 1.5 Thickness: 0.16-0.19mm
Diameters: 12mm, 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm
Brand: Academy

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