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Melting Point Device


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Melting Point Device

The new upgraded melting point device MPD-03 has a great improvement since it emerged in the market. The machine was designed to have higher temperature and more sample holders but costs as the old model.

Model MPD-03 Melting Point
Device, Digital Readout, 0.1
degree readout resolution,
built-in fan for cool down, double
display, data recording, hand
held “Read” push button


Temperature range (deg C ): Ambient to 400 deg C
Temperature accuracy (deg C ): +/0.5

Readout and temperature hold: Yes

Calibration Capability Yes

Display : Four Digit LED
Display resolution (deg C ): 0.1

Number of samples: 2
Fast Stage Ramp rate (deg C/min): 20 Fixed
Slow Ramp rates: adjustable between 1 to 10
Dimension (mm, WxLxH): 160x220x170
Net Weight (KG): 1.8

Cooling Rate: 25 degres/min

Data Recording: Yes

Electrical Supply: 120 or 230v, 50Hz, 90W

Melting Point Device
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