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Academy Professional Filter Paper, Grade 1, 55mm - 185mm Group Picture

Academy Professional Filter Paper, Grade 1, 55mm - 185mm

£5.85 to £21.82

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Product Code Pack Size List Price Qty  
PFP155-1 55mm x 100 Pack £5.85
PFP170-1 70mm x 100 Pack £7.18
PFP190-1 90mm x 100 Pack £8.64
PFP1110-1 110mm x 100 Pack £12.75
PFP1125-1 125mm x 100 Pack £13.04
PFP1150-1 150mm x 100 Pack £15.68
PFP1185-1 185mm x 100 Pack £21.82

Professional Filter Paper (Academy), Grade 1, suitable for routine laboratory applications.

Filter Speed: Medium

100 Sheets per pack, Diameter as per drop down above

The Academy Professional Filter Paper, Grade 1, is a high-quality filtration product designed for laboratory use. Available in sizes ranging from 55mm to 185mm, this filter paper is crafted to meet professional standards. Grade 1 filter paper is known for its efficient particle retention, making it suitable for a variety of laboratory filtration applications. With its reliable performance, the Academy Professional Filter Paper, Grade 1, offers precision and consistency in scientific processes.

  • Filtration of solids from liquids.
  • Separation of fine particles from solutions.
  • Laboratory experiments and research.
  • Qualitative analysis in chemistry.
  • Filtration in educational settings.
  • Industrial quality control.
  • Environmental water testing.
  • Food and beverage analysis.
  • Microbiological testing.
  • Sample preparation in pharmaceuticals.

HS Code / Commodity Code: 7017909000

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