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Posted By: Amy Winson On: 30th of July 2019 at 11:19

With the ongoing introduction of ISO15189, in 2017 Atom Scientific made the decision to undertake a full quality review of all of our Special Stain Kits to ensure we were able to offer our customers pre-validated products to facilitate their ISO15189 compliance.

Since 2018, we have participated in the UK NEQAS CPT (Cellular Pathology Technique) scheme as an independent validation of our in-house lab testing results.

A bit about UK NEQAS CPT...

UK NEQAS CPT delivers a standardised UKAS accredited programme, providing participants with a proficiency testing method for evaluating laboratory practice to guide and ensure best practice and gold standard results.

Using validated material of consistent quality for a range of challenges, participants can demonstrate their quality and performance to maintain high standards of laboratory practice.

As part of each UK NEQAS CPT assessment, run scores are audited to provide an in-depth feedback to aid in continual improvements within organisations, provide expert help identifying problems and provide access to troubleshooting expertise.

Scores range from 0-10 and are based on a number of criteria.

UK NEQAS CPT describes a score of 9/10 to show excellent appropriate demonstration of the expected staining results, and a high level of quality.

Atom Scientific are proud to publish the scores their kits have achieved:

Stain Kit Score Result Date
Masson Trichrome* 10 Jan 19
Reticulin 10 May 18
Masson Fontana 10 May 18
Luxol Fast Blue* 10 2017
H&E 10 Jul 19
ZN 10 Jul 19
Orcein for CAP 9 Nov 18
Alcian Blue 9 May 19
Congo Red (Highman) 9 Jul 18
Orcein for HbSag 9 May 19
DPAS 9 Sept 18
EVG (Miller) 9 Nov 18
ABPAS 9 Mar 19
Gram (Neutral Red) 9 Jul 19
Haematoxylin Van Gieson 9 Jul 19

*The scores for Masson Trichrome and Luxol Fast Blue have been achieved from external labs